Thursday, May 18, 2017

Alone with a Bottle of Ink

Over the last month I have been spending time at the house/art immersion of the two artists known as Chuck and George. They gave me a key so I was able to drop by whenever I pleased. The result is 14 ink drawings of the visually overloaded interior of the world they live in.

Their house from the front porch to the back gate is overflowing with artwork, artifacts and curiosities. All of the walls and even some of the floors are custom painted and just about every surface has artwork on it. Not only with Chuck and George's artwork but also the works by hundreds of other artists too. It's safe to say this is the biggest collection of slightly demented regional art in Texas. You can understand why I was excited about the opportunity to draw in this environment.

On May 20th the Chuck and George house will be part of the Visual Speed Bump Art Tour. I recommend you earmark the day to spend time at this wonderful house as well as visiting the other 13 studios on the self guided tour.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Interior Views of Chuck and George

Brad Ford Smith

There's nothing like spending time at a friends' house, and when they loan you a key so you can come and go as you please, it's only natural to take full advantage of the kindness by dropping by when they are not home and drawing pictures of their living room, dining room, den, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom too, sure, why not!

And just to show that Chuck and George harbor no hard feelings towards my intimate doodlings they are displaying all 14 drawings during the Visual Speed Bump Art Tour. The VSBAT is one day only, May 20th, so grab some snacks and go see some art.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nomadic Fungi Lab Samples Develope Red Dots

The Nomadic Fungi Institute was very honored to have two NFI Lab Samples on display with Ro2 Art at this years Dallas Art Fair. The two samples were fresh from the NFI incubator, and
still damp with the pure spring water we use to sterilize all our lab samples with.

With the Dallas Art Fair drawing in thousands of people, these two NFI lab samples was set to receive a lot of exposure. The NFI hot line started ringing Friday afternoon with people saying there were red dots on the wall next to the lab samples. Of course the NFI staff was very alarmed. Had something gone wrong with our sterilization process and the nomadic spores found the latex wall paint irresistible. With a quick call to Jordan at Ro2 Art we were informed that the red dots were actually sold stickers!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Consumed By A Nomadic Fungus

Nomadic Fungi Institute
Over the last year I have slowly shifted my focus over to developing the Nomadic Fungi Institute. This has become a very personal project for me. One that I am enjoying and learning from. It has opened up doors to new experiences and new areas of personal growth. Just what you would expect when working around mutated fungi that feed on various automobile components.

So my BFS Art Blog will be put on the shelf. It has been fun and rewarding to write this blog which I started on my first trip to the Yucatan on December 28, 2007. I do hope you will all follow me over to The World Of Nomadic Fungi. There are things developing there that are quite extraordinary.

Here are the various links to the Nomadic Fungi Institute:

The World Of Nomadic Fungi
Nomadic Fungi Institute on Facebook
Nomadic_Fungi on Instagram

And of course you can always follow me on:

Brad Ford Smith on Facebook
Brad Ford Smith Pics on Instagram

I'll see you on the streets and in the galleries,

Monday, December 1, 2014

Real World Time Chunk Spent

Click, Connect, Sign up, Subscribe, Like, Friend, Follow, Applaud. Send...

I have spent the last several chunks of real world time working on some of the blogs I help manage;
BFS Art Blog, The World Of Nomadic Fungi Blog, Studio Six Art Conservation Blog, and the NTAAC Blog (North Texas Association for Art Conservation). There was also the related Facebook Pages, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr links that required a little tickling as well.

This was all because Google pretty much stopped updating Feedburner the subscription management program for Blogspot. Google also does not fully support it's Google Friend Connect sign up program anymore either. There is also the Networked Blogs sign up program for Facebook that has become like hunting rabbits. You never know when or how the posts will show up on your Facebook page.

Anyway, I'll stop bellyaching about programing issues as it is as interesting as listening to people talk about their dreams.

Enjoy the above photo of Stanley and I hanging out in the studio.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Bee Line To Your Mail Box

Here is a sad photo of a bee's nest inside a tree that has been cut down. I do hope the man with the chain saw got a sting or two for his troubles.

This is also a test posting to see if the new BFS Art Blog MailChimp subscription program is functioning correctly.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blame The Lag Time On The Mushrooms

Brad Ford Smith Blog
Being a long time blog reader and blogger I have read this sad phrase a number of times Sorry so long between posts... It's usually the last post you ever see on that blog.

Well, here I am writing that phrase in a way that looks like a commentary on blogging. But in fact it has been a long time, and I do feel bad about the long lag time. I have over a dozen posts waiting as drafts. Some just needing a good proofreading before posting.

So what has me so distracted? Well, about a year ago I started working with the Nomadic Fungi Institute as their archivist. I know, a hopeless dyslexic as an archivist? Just shows how desperate they are for any kind of help.

Anyway, I have become more involved with NFI than I would have ever thought. There is so much work to be done, and it seems the more that gets done the more there is to do. But I do believe strongly in what NFI is working towards so all the time and effort feels good. It feels important.

NFI has a blog that I hope you will visit. It is filled with photos, lab reports and even a few interviews. If you read any posts with lots of grammatical mayhem then you'll know its one I wrote.

There is also an NFI Facebook page and an Istagram feed. Here are the links to each.
Nomadic Fungi Institute Facebook
Nomadic Fungi Institute Instagram

Okay, let me get back to proofreading...