Friday, June 27, 2008

Site Santa Fe "Lucky Number 7?"

I stopped in to see the seventh edition of Site Santa Fe. This time it was a show of site specific art work that was not were only in the museum but also scattered around the center of the city.  There are 25 artists from 16 countries that created art for just this show and just these sites.

I had high hopes for this show but I think the majority of the reviews got it right. There just wasn't enough real meat to chew on. My hunt for the outside installations was derailed by heat, food and other galleries. I did enjoy leaping from the balcony onto the big foamy stunt pads. I now know why I am not a stunt double.

What I did like was the ball point pin drawings by Timothy Nero at the Box Gallery . They had that obsessive noodling that I am a sucker for. Also the Tai Gallery  which is know for showing woven bamboo baskets from Japan has started to show photography. Masaru Tatsuki captures a vanishing lifestyle that combines low riders, transformers, and diesel trucks.  

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