Sunday, February 8, 2009

La Reunion TX Second Annual Tree Carving and Open House

The tree is done and lots of people showed up for the La Reunion TX open house.

Here is my artist's statement for my tree:

 The tree was toped off leaving an 8 feet tail trunk. All the wood above that height was cut into 16" long logs. An 8 foot long cradle was constructed on top of the trunk, and the logs were placed on top of it in chronological order. 

Viewing the sculpture from the ground displays the weight and mass of an average sized a tree. The view from the patio focuses on the stacked wood. This allows the viewer the unique opportunity to see the progression of the tree's growth and the historic impact of the traumas that the tree has endured. 

which gives the viewer the opportunity to clearly examine the growth rings will give tour guides a unique visual aid to discuss how trees grow.

 to supports a stack of logs and branches. This lumber make up what was the rest of the tree. 

The tree is looking really close to the original drawing. I did in up using 2X4s for the cradle instead of tree branches because of the weight.  

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