Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 X 7 Arthouse fundraiser 2009

The 5 X 7 Arthouse fundraiser is happening in Austin this Friday. These are the two works that I put in this year. They are my usual organic shapes that have been camouflaged with a gritty umber texture and then cast into a pail blue cube. The image becomes visible only when the object is tilted towards the light. It's a nice work but it's probably not eye catching enough to stand out in the 5X7 arena.

There is a big group of Dallas people going down for the event. Unfortunately I am staying here because all of my travel bucks are tied up in going to the Vermont Studio Center next month.


graydon said...

I really love your additions. My first time at the Arthouse event. But since these were anonymous, I didn't make the connection. Wonderful work.

Brad Ford Smith said...

Thanks Graydon,
I've been doing the 5X7 for seven or eight years. it has become one of the fundraisers that I look forward to being a part of. I have made it down for the Austin event 3 times but I never miss the Dallas event. It is so nice to see art patrons behaving badly.