Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sketching in the Galleries @ the Dallas Museum of Art: Evening #4: The last

11th Century Durga, from the DMA collection.

Tonight is my last night to lead the Sketching in the Galleries program at the DMA, and it is the last night that the DMA will run this program. Starting next Thursday there will be a new multi media program that will bring in artists from a wide variety of disciplines such as fashion design, animation, and writers to use their unique talents and skills to interpret the collection. I think it will be a really neat way to learn about materials and meet other artists.

As for the last night of Sketching in the Galleries, I am not sure what we will be focusing on tonight because I am not sure how many people will show up. The fact that it is the last night could mean that there will either be a lot more people showing up or a lot fewer people showing up. So if it is a big group we will work in the Southern Asian galleries drawing from the sculptures, focusing on light, SHADOW, and mass. If it's just a few people, then we will draw from some of the smaller works in the All the World's a Stage exhibit.

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