Friday, October 30, 2009

Designs for this years Holiday Card

The Smith family has a tradition of making holiday cards which was started by my parents while attending OU way back in 1946. Over the last 56 years at least one person in the Smith family has maintained this tradition. Last year, I regrettable did not make a card, but this year I am going to make up for it by teaching a workshop with my friend and fellow artist Susan Giller at the Creative Arts Center. The workshop will focus on a quick and easy block printing method. I'll blog more about it later. Above is a sketch of this years card.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things Look Different in the Morning Sun

It has been a long spell of rainy and overcast days here in Dallas. 2 weeks without a decent patch of sun shine anywhere, and for a thick blooded Texan like myself, it's been like spending 2 weeks buried under a compost heap. I was feeling damp, moldy and pale. But this morning, the clouds parted, and the sun pored into my studio filling it with light, shadows and contrast.