Sunday, December 20, 2009

What makes an White Elephant

The standard definition of a White Elephant is something that you have received as a gift that clearly demonstrates that the giver has absolutely no idea who you are and/or that the giver is seriously out of touch with the basic concepts of quality and good taste. There is also the possibility that the giver lives deep inside a world of their own making.

The unwrapping of a truly bad White Elephant gift often shakes the social etiquette of the receiver as a flood of emotions, questions and helplessness washes over the receiver's face. This often resulting in stuttered statements such as "Oh my, how very interesting." "Wow, where in the world did you find one of these?" " You made this yourself, No, Really?"

Surprisingly we often remember those White Elephants more clearly than most of those really good gifts we have received over the years. A backpack made from old dirty smelly blue jeans, The Jolly Monk, who pees in your face when you open his robe, the box full of juicy mold that was at one time a loaf of banana bread...

Above is a seed picture that I did using lentils, rice, and mustard seeds. It was created for the Gorham's Traditional White Elephant party. A party where all the guest are encouraged to regift some of the their more painful receivings. Among this years offerings/dumpings was an indoor dog poo pad, a portrait of a Spanish conquistador on black velvet, and and baby juicer (the kind that you use to actually juice babies with)

So be happy this new year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Drawing app for iTouch

I read an interview in Art in America with David Hockney. He talked about his new large scale paintings of the English landscape, and how some of the original drawings were done on his iPhone. I have downloaded 3 apps to my iTouch: Doodle Buddy, Fountain Pen Free, and MyPaint Free. Each are fun to play with. The above drawing was done with Doodle Buddy.