Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fresh From The Printers

SculptCAD held an impromptu open house to display the first round of artwork to come back from the printers. On the wall are 3D computer images by (L-R) Bert Scherarth - Buildings, and Column, Shane Pennington - Tree Top, Brad Ford Smith - Chicken Neck Johnson, 2 more by Bert - Column, Wreath, and Heather Gorham - Rabbit.

The sculptures for the most part were just unpacked, so the artists have not had the opportunity to physically work on them yet. What you are seeing is the equivalent of a cake that has just been pulled out of the oven. They still need to be frosted. (L-R B-F): Erica Larkin - Figurative Busts, Brad Ford Smith - Chicken Neck Johnson, David VanNess - Bull Elk, Katherine Batiste - Robotic Boy, Nancy Hairston - Organic Form, Heather Groham - the 2 Rabbits, Shawn Smith - French Horn Bees, Bert Scherbarth - buildings. 

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