Friday, April 9, 2010

Sending My Sculpture to the Printers

With a little help from the staff at SculptCAD, I shelled (hollowed out) my sculpture, sized it (10" X 12" X 8") and sent it of to be printed at a rapid prototype lab. The clear plastic sculpture should be printed and back at SculptCAD by Tuesday of next week. A pretty quick turn around on a sculpture that has taken me months to learn how to build.

I am expecting it will look a little bit different in the real world from the 3 D computer model. That is always the case when you convert one material into another: Wax to bronze, clay to ceramic, digital imaging into clear plastic.

After the Wednesday delivery, I think there will only be 3 other artist's sculptures left to print, making a total of 15. I can't wait to see them all together.


Betsy Grant said...

I love the works on paper shown in your slide show. Especially love your use of color. Please visit me at to leave your comments as an artist (my blogsite for artists/creatice people).

Brad Ford Smith said...

Thanks Betsy,
The images in the slide show are from my Flicker page. You can see more artwork by clicking on the link to your right.

I'll stop by your site to see what you are up to.