Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adding a New Blog to the Blogville

Turn Turn Turn by Mekhala Bahl
Dear Ada,
If you are writing a letter to a special someone named Ada you might start that letter with "Dear Ada" and then writing about all the wonderful things you have seen, and how much you wish Ada was there to share them with.

Well, this is pretty much what Birdie is doing with the blog Dear Ada, except that there are very few words and lots of photos with links to artwork that Birdie thinks Ada would like. Who is Ada? The author says "Ada was a very important person I grew up with and shared a love for art, nature, design and culture. She was the most positive, curious, interested person I've ever known and this blog is a bit like a series of letters or notes to her."

Birdie has been posting these art notes to Ada on a regular basses since August 2005. The artists represented here tend to be emerging artists from a wide variety of locations across the world. The scope of  the artwork is from abstract to representational. Sculpture, craft, painting, printmaking, weaving... There is a lot of drawing and works on paper which is quite alright with me. The blog also has Book Love which is Birdie's list of recommended books.

I am adding Dear Ada to my Blogville list of blogs I follow. I hope you will visit the site and follow as well.

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Brad Ford Smith said...

Sadly Dear ADA has decided to stop updating this wonderful blog. It is still a great sight to find artwork you might not see and a great book list.