Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teaching Drawing at CAC

Very excited to find myself teaching Drawing Fundamentals at the CAC.  Due to a dramatic prequel,  I only had a single day to prepare for the class, so I grabbed my dusty copy of Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain AKA Learn to live like a Dyslexic, and pieced together a rough curriculum. (I'll be fleshing it out this week)

For this first class, I leaned hard on the Left - Right brain theory, believing that the most common problems in learning how to draw is turning off that hyper critical left side so the creative right side can take some risks and start to really see the world around us.

So, a few exercises to derail the left side and feed the right, such as the drawing above. It's a copy of a drawing by Degas. And yes, it is upside down because it was drawn upside down. Doing this allows you to more easily see the lines and shapes as simply lines and shapes, and not as a head, right hand, left hand, buttons, a pocket... all of which the left side already knows what those things look like, so it's going to draw what it knows and not what you are really looking at.

Next week, we'll be looking at blind contour drawing...

PS- And a big Thanks to the CAC for thinking of me when they needed help.

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