Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PBF .04: One Word Says It All

Originally I was going to create a photo montage of all the fantastic dishes, dinners, and desserts that have been devoured in the name of Project Bear Fat. The montage would have been a very LARGE montage. PBF has developed into a kind of moving banquet, a non-stop Thanksgiving feast. Friends and family coming together to enjoy good food and conversations, raising glasses, diving in for second and third helpings. A fridge filled with heat and eat TLC.

Now for the stats: Two weeks of PBF has resulted in 5 additional pounds of bear fat. Granted I feel like I have put on a good 10LBs. But, 5 pounds, when you think about it is pretty damn good. Pants are tight, moving in the right direction without causing my heart to explode. 

With all the ads for diet pills and low calorie snacks, it may sound un-American to say that it would be a real health issue if putting weight on was fast and easy.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the PBF supporters. You are Shadalicious. That is, you have all helped to take something not so pleasant, such as small stinky fish and turn it into something special.

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