Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Project Bear Fat .03: A Cascade Of Sweat

The Project Bear Fat not only encompasses the consumption of lots of tasty food, it also incorporates various methods of reawakening long dormant muscles, therefore I am now a legitimate member of the Tom Landry Fitness Center.

This week I attended my very first Yoga class. The room was darkly subdued, there were soft mats scattered across the floor, and there was the sound of flutes coming from the CD player. The instructor suggested I remove my shoes and socks, and then quietly escorted me to a mat. I innocently confessed that I have seen pictures of people doing yoga, but had never personally done this sort of thing before.

With a smile she turned to the class and suggested that we take our places and curl up into a ball. I thought to myself, Well now, this is the kind of exercises a bear could do all day.

From there we went into the Downward Dog position, which turned out to be the gate way into a host of agonizing poses that caused fountains of sweat to cascade from every pour of my skin. As I tried not to laugh out loud at the burning pain generated from my overtaxed underutilized muscles, I thought, This is definitely NOT the natural habitat for a bear.

Next week I think I'll switch to jazzercize or perhaps one of the over 65 classes.

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