Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Post Number 200: A Small Detail

This work of art has been on continuous display the longest of any of the art works in my house. It's a mosaic created by my father, Samuel Lee Smith.   Really it's a slab of cement reinforced with steel rebar and covered with small shards of stained glass. I think it's titled Beach Towel Bather.  I appreciate the humor  because even though it's shaped to look like a beach towel dangling from two pins it actually weighs a good 30 pounds.

My Dad completed this mosaic art work sometime before he and my Mom finished building their dream house in 1956.  The piece was installed in the front bath and as far as I know has been removed only twice in its lifetime. Once then the bath was repainted and again in 2002 when I remodeled the house and studio.

Of course after the house renovation the mosaic went right back to its original location but I added molly bolts. That should keep it on the wall and withstand any of the small earthquakes we have been getting here.  Though looks like I might need to address the wall paint again.

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