Monday, December 1, 2014

Real World Time Chunk Spent

Click, Connect, Sign up, Subscribe, Like, Friend, Follow, Applaud. Send...

I have spent the last several chunks of real world time working on some of the blogs I help manage;
BFS Art Blog, The World Of Nomadic Fungi Blog, Studio Six Art Conservation Blog, and the NTAAC Blog (North Texas Association for Art Conservation). There was also the related Facebook Pages, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr links that required a little tickling as well.

This was all because Google pretty much stopped updating Feedburner the subscription management program for Blogspot. Google also does not fully support it's Google Friend Connect sign up program anymore either. There is also the Networked Blogs sign up program for Facebook that has become like hunting rabbits. You never know when or how the posts will show up on your Facebook page.

Anyway, I'll stop bellyaching about programing issues as it is as interesting as listening to people talk about their dreams.

Enjoy the above photo of Stanley and I hanging out in the studio.