Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Consumed By A Nomadic Fungus

Nomadic Fungi Institute
Over the last year I have slowly shifted my focus over to developing the Nomadic Fungi Institute. This has become a very personal project for me. One that I am enjoying and learning from. It has opened up doors to new experiences and new areas of personal growth. Just what you would expect when working around mutated fungi that feed on various automobile components.

So my BFS Art Blog will be put on the shelf. It has been fun and rewarding to write this blog which I started on my first trip to the Yucatan on December 28, 2007. I do hope you will all follow me over to The World Of Nomadic Fungi. There are things developing there that are quite extraordinary.

Here are the various links to the Nomadic Fungi Institute:

The World Of Nomadic Fungi
Nomadic Fungi Institute on Facebook
Nomadic_Fungi on Instagram

And of course you can always follow me on:

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I'll see you on the streets and in the galleries,