Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nomadic Fungi Lab Samples Develope Red Dots

The Nomadic Fungi Institute was very honored to have two NFI Lab Samples on display with Ro2 Art at this years Dallas Art Fair. The two samples were fresh from the NFI incubator, and
still damp with the pure spring water we use to sterilize all our lab samples with.

With the Dallas Art Fair drawing in thousands of people, these two NFI lab samples was set to receive a lot of exposure. The NFI hot line started ringing Friday afternoon with people saying there were red dots on the wall next to the lab samples. Of course the NFI staff was very alarmed. Had something gone wrong with our sterilization process and the nomadic spores found the latex wall paint irresistible. With a quick call to Jordan at Ro2 Art we were informed that the red dots were actually sold stickers!